Our clients we offer a transport from our warehouse in Poland through companies DHL.

Domestic shipments implement the following principles:

  • Orders placed before. 15:00 will be delivered next day;

  • In case when a value of an order will exceed 3000,00 zł gross, the cost of the transport of a single standard package is 10zł. This does not include any additional fees and collection costs

  • The prices of our standard are respectively in net values:

  • Standard (up to 31,5KG)  DHL  - 14,00zł

  • Nonstandard- according to the table of charges

Fees for additional services are:

  • Special delivery Standard + 6 zł.
    maximum value - 5500,00zł


There is also the possibility of personal receipt of goods in our office from 8:30 - 16:00.


Submissions regarding compliance with the purchase, resulting from:

  • released by mistake

  • damaged package from the warehouse

  • confusion between goods

  • shortages

  • disappearance of individual packages or entire package

please report immediately to our warehouse




Before the adoption of the consignment recipient is obliged to check its condition and, in particular:

  • company tape is intact

  • if there is no damage    to the protective packaging

  • if there is no visible damage

  • if the amount of boxes and cardboards on the invoice is the same as received