RMA procedure

1. Products sold by Ropla Computers are covered by 24 month warranty provided by Ropla Computers. It does not apply to defective or used goods, that are marked with information about warranty period.
2. General warranty terms can be found at http://b2b.computers.ropla.eu/OWGen.pdf
3. Responsibility of Ropla Computers sp. z o.o. due to warranty for physical damage of goods sold is excluded.

Complaint about defective products is possible only after prior sending of the complaint note to serwis@ropla.eu email address. After verification, service gives RMA number and sends it back to customer. Partner sends a parcel with defective goods at its expense. The readable RMA number should be placed in visible place on parcel for easy identification. In case of lack of readable RMA number on the package, it will not be accepted and send back.